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Essentially kindergarten is about acquiring life skills. It is about fostering a joy of learning, it is about celebrating children's achievements, it is about socialisation, it is about building self-esteem.

Developing confident children through play based learning since 1924.


Lady Forster Kindergarten nurtures a sense of fun and discovery, encouraging children to learn from a self-motivated place of wanting to understand.  A safe place in which they are supported to be themselves and explore their own interests, children develop understanding of who they are, and to respect the capabilities of other children, to work together, and to solve problems.


Many Lady Forster children go on to become leaders in their school years. Not afraid to help other children, they are adventurous and exhibit maturity beyond their years on entering primary school. All through the experience of play-based learning.


A place where children thrive.

Situated on the foreshore at Elwood Beach, Lady Forster’s location is key to our children’s learning experience.


Our weekly beach and nature walk explorations are not just a nice thing to do or a tradition we've kept since 1924, they are an invaluable growth tool for children. Research shows that play-based learning and spending time in nature are key foundations to a child's health and mental wellbeing.

At Lady Forster our children thrive outside. They see each and every beach and nature walk as a new adventure. They actively solve problems and take risks together. They master coordination as they navigate beachside rocks, climb low tree branches and walk over logs.

Their natural attraction to nature develops into enthusiastic learning about wildlife from recognising the calls of the cockatoos to watching a caterpillar transition into chrysalis. The love to see how seasons brings change, how the sea can be wild or tame, how the plants blossom and the leaves change colour.

The children have all-weather suits to wear so they're never forced to sit inside when it rains - no child should miss the fun of puddles and getting their hands dirty in the mud!

Every child deserves a Lady Forster Kindergarten experience. You're welcome to trial the kinder on Friday's at our occasional care sessions or for information on enrolment, please call us on 03 9531 6812 and come visit for a tour!

Have a look at what our children get up to in a day. If you think your child will thrive in a play-based kindergarten learning environment, talk to us today on 03 9531 6812.