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Essentially kindergarten is about acquiring life skills. It is about fostering a joy of learning, it is about celebrating children's achievements, it is about socialisation, it is about building self-esteem.

This is what the Parents/Carers think of the service offered at LFK.  


Our son was in the four year old long day room. We were impressed with Lady Forster Kindergarten?s open space and play based program; and the excellent staff to student ratios.

The fact that there is a constant group and teacher, allows for a cohesive group identity to develop.

A highlight for our son has always been the excursion activities that occur on a regular basis, where the group goes on coastal walks. The nature based play activities allow exploration and testing physicality and, most importantly, are a lot of fun.

We could not recommend Lady Forster more highly. Our son has loved every minute of it and it has given us complete peace of mind. 


Katrina Son - Long Day Room



The team have been wonderful since my son joined the kindy in April. The teachers are fantastic and there was no turnaround of staff since we joined which is a good sign. We love the fact that the outdoor play area and the room are spacious. The opening hours definitely suits me.I love the fact that the kindy has a holiday program for 3-7 yold with plenty of great activities and the sea nearby or bike path for a scooter ride. 


Aurelie - Son - 3 Year Old Sessional



I could not have wished for a more joyous kindergarten experience for my daughter. Over the past 2 years, I have delighted in her eagerness to get ready for kinder and skip ahead of me to get started with her day. She tells me happily of artistic creations, playing with friends, learning how to master the monkey bars and much more. Throughout I have seen her observe and experience and learn so much from her friends, environment and wonderful teachers. Or, to put it more simply, in her words: ?I go to the best Kinder in the world.?


Karin - Daughter - 4 Year Old Sessional



If you want your children to be able to do what they want to do whilst starting to build friendships and learning structure this is the place for you.


Confidence and resilience levels have massively improved in both my children over their time at LFK. 


Morven - Daughter- 4 Year Old Sessional and Son 4 Year Old Sessional



Our daughter attends the Long Day Room and absolutely loves it! The teachers are highly committed and provide a well-balanced atmosphere for each child to feel confident and part of the group. 


Annika - Daughter Long Day Room 2014



My 2 boys have both attended Lady Forster Kindergarten in the Long day room. The experience for them has been fantastic. The environment has been thoroughly stimulating, supportive, encouraging and best of all fun.


For me, it was great being able to see how excited they were to go off to Lady Forster everyday and how happy they were when l picked them up. I really liked how the boys were encouraged to be independent, resilient and self-sufficient plus have their sense of adventure and curiosity encouraged and explored. 


Jackie - Son - Long Day Room



Being a play orientated Kindergarten, the staff understand (what the research supports), that childrens' social, emotional, physical and mental development all thrive through play. Play builds independence, enhances their decision making, problem solving, language skills and leadership skills. Lady Forster provides a safe caring environment where children are engaged through meaningful play. The best thing about it is from the children?s perspective they?re just having fun.


The teachers are exceptional and sure footed and it?s obvious to me that they really care about the children. It?s one in a million!


Jenny - Son - Long Day Room



"There are plenty of fun activities for both quiet and bold children at LFK, which has allowed my daughter to set her own pace and join in when she feels comfortable. She always comes home excited to tell me about a fun game, song or story she was involved in at kinder. I'm really glad we decided to send her to LFK and very grateful to the teachers for the patience and care they have shown to my child"


Melissa - Daughter - 4 Year Old Sessional



"LFK is an amazing community of nurturing empowerment where the kids are allowed to grow, learn and be free to be kids. While the grown up[s are given the opportunity to contribute, network and support the community on all levels. It ticks all the boxes and then some. I could never have dreamed of such an ideal place"


Narelle - Daughter - 3 Year Old Sessional



My daughter gained valuable social interaction skills through the personal attention attributed to each of the many orchestrated opportunities, and the skills of the staff to teach this.


Play based learning is well documented as being a powerful matrix for learning and development, at Lady Forster Kindergarten they protect this model of learning and live by it. I have witnessed many learning opportunities being built on in this context. The child may lead the discussion, but the teachers craft it into one of education. We have been very happy with the level of teaching and the stability of the teaching staff.


Lady Forster Kindergarten is purely a kindergarten where the children want to be. As the staff say, it?s all about the children, and when the children are so happy to be there, I say its all about the staff.


Mary - Daughter - 3 Year Old Sessional and 4 Year Old Sessional